I'm a tiny mac app. I'm going to track your time from the OSX menu bar and you will love me.

Version 2.0.1, Requires Mac OS X 10.6 +,
Only available in the Mac App Store.

Reality check—reasons to love Timecop 2.0

  • Import/Export time to your Basecamp and Harvest accounts
  • Customizable hotkeys to quickly do anything
  • Easily edit the time you’ve already recorded
  • Add commit messages to any timer session
  • Automatically detect when you go idle
  • Organize your projects as tasks and group them later
  • Automatically track the time you spend in your most used applications
  • View what you worked on by Day, Week or Month
  • Export your time as a .CSV
  • Coming soon to your iPhone
  • Project view

Need Help? help@timecopapp.com